Learn How To Make Jewelry

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Learn how to turn your jewelry ideas into a tangible reality, In my jewelry classes you will learn more than just the basics necessary to begin creating art in a whole new way.


Whether you have zero jewelry making experience or you’re just in need of a refresher course, my jewelry making classes might be just what you need to find that artistic edge you’ve been searching for.

I have thoroughly designed a well rounded jewelry curricula to accommodate for many different types of crafters and artists alike that may find themselves enamored in the heat of jewelry making. I welcome you into my metallic world and encourage you to get your hands dirty and dive into a new realm of artistic expression.

Jewelry Workshops

Learn how to use your own hands to turn your jewelry ideas into a reality. In my class you will learn more than just the basics necessary to begin creating art in a whole new way.

This intermediate jewelry class is available to those who have taken and completed my beginning jewelry fabrication course, or have equal jewelry experience.

Mini Jewelry Courses

Etching is a great way to add depth and texture to otherwise ordinary base metals. Learning this technique will allow you, as the artist to achieve deeper levels of design and artistry with your work.

Contact me or check my Calendar for upcoming jewelry classes and dates.

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