A bit of back story – by Cabrina Channing:

I was born with my heart set on artistic self-expression. I floundered through all sorts of artistic mediums, trying to make each of them work for me. One day, as an early teenager, I discovered metallic bliss. It was in a high school jewelry class where it seemed I had finally unearthed a way to manifest my crazed ideas into a tangible and wearable art form. Motivated by my incredibly supportive jewelry teacher Wendy Woldenberg, I was not to be discouraged by society’s idea that art could never mean success. So, I changed my life plan and set my whole heart into metal art. I moved to San Francisco and earned my bench jeweler certificate from Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. Revere helped me fine-tune my techniques and taught me to take my work a little more seriously. Shortly after graduating, I kept my dream alive by launching my own handmade business. I gained an incredible amount of artistic momentum over the years, so much so that I could hardly keep up with myself.

Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to get to know me and my work. Jewelry has been a truly special part of my life, and I hope to make something for you someday.

May your heart be drenched in art,
-Cabrina Channing