A bit of back story – by Cabrina Channing:

I’m Cabrina: a silversmith and jewelry artist. Here’s a little about myself to help you grasp who I am, what I do, and why I do it.

Igrew up in Washington state, in a very normal town where everyone walked a straight line towards a life pouring concrete or waiting tables. I realized pretty early that this looming future ahead of me wasn’t very promising of a life for an unruly weird girl like me who couldn’t ignore her extreme appetite to stretch her branches.


1-IMG_4127I was born with my heart set into artistic self expression. I floundered through all sorts of mediums, trying to make each of them communicate for me. One day, as an early teenager, covered hopelessly in clay, with a handful of paintbrushes, and a half silk screened t-shirt, I discovered metallic bliss. It was in a high school jewelry class where it seemed I had finally unearthed a way to manifest my crazed ideas into a tangible and wearable art form. Motivated by my incredibly supportive jewelry teacher Wendy Woldenberg, I was not to be discouraged by societies idea that art could never mean success. So I changed my life plan, opted out of a four year university and a possible career in medicine, and became my parents worst nightmare. I set my whole heart into metal art. My first order of business as a creature with purpose was to run away on a long backpacking trip through Asia, freshly hatched out of high school. I spent months traveling, watching and listening to local craftsmen, and learning about very different cultural art methods. When I returned home, I decided to take another grand leap of faith and move to San Francisco to attend a world renowned jewelry academy.

I attended”Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts” and became a certified bench jeweler. Revere helped me dial in my techniques and take my work a little more seriously. Waving my shiny framed certificate in the air, I waltzed right into full time jewelry production for a big city jewelry designer “Jeanine Payer“. After months of feeling slightly robotic and artistically empty being the hands for someone else, I mustered up enough courage to devote my treasured time to keeping my dream alive. I gained an incredible amount of artistic momentum over the years; so much, I could hardly keep up with myself. Now, I am 25 years old and happily settled among the woods in Nevada City, California dedicating countless hours to my cozy personal studio, swimming in dedication to my craft.

In my StudioI am  now co-founder of a woman’s artist collective called “Lock & Ki” touring the west coast of both the USA and Canada during the summer months to vend at major music festivals, allowing my my art to be more available to all types of people in all types of places. I have won back the respect of my family through my achievements and I was even was asked to design and make my father’s wedding rings.

I also teach jewelry making workshops to beginners and intermediate artists, offering them a whole new take on the artistic expression.

Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to get to know me and my work. Jewelry has truly changed my life, and I hope to make something for you someday that will change your life as well.

Blessings to you, and may your heart be drenched in art,

-Cabrina Channing